Show Me Education

Leadership Certification Program (LCP)

Requirements for Certification:

Mandatory: Keynote Speech (Buddy Weaver)

Mandatory: Bid Session

Four (4) Core Sessions

Two (2) Elective Sessions

Core Sessions (all are offered twice)


ARTS: New Dancer Recruitment, Promotion, & Financial Assistance

ARTS: Marketing

Club & Organization Revitalization

Social Connection

Spice Up Your Dance

USDA: Do You Really Understand the Club & Dancer Insurance?

Working with Difficult People

24 Electives - Choose two (2)

Accelerated Teaching Methods

Preview of the 68th NSDC



Club Leadership

So this is your first convention

Class Connection

Social Media

Double Your Fun (campers)

Solo Dancers

Effective Recruiting & Growth

Starting a New Club

Including Contra at Square Dances

Taxes & Insurance

Knowledge Base


Learn to Cue

Visit with the Legends


Want to be a Caller

Music Licensing

Want to Grow Your Club

Party Nights

Working Together

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