Fund Raiser For Square Dance Committee

67th National Square Dance Convention

Jamberry Nails

Buy nail wraps you can easily apply yourself in square dance designs that you can't find anywhere else. Each sheet has enough wraps for 2 complete manicures, as well as 2 pedicures.

These exclusive designs are $19.50 and will come in 3 different options that will include Interlocking Squares, the new Live Lively Logo and the 67th NSDC logo as shown above.

In addition to the exclusive fundraising designs, Jamberry has a large collection of wraps with something for everyone! Each sheet of catalog wraps are just $15 with licensed sheets (i.e. NFL, Disney, Marvel, etc) $18 each. Plus, Jamberry has a great special going on! Buy 3 get 1 free (excludes the fundraiser designed wraps).

To see the full collection of everything Jamberry has to offer visit: There you will find over 300 different nail wrap designs, along with polishes, hand care products, and tools. When you are ready to purchase, choose the 67th NSDC Square Dance Fundraiser at checkout and we will receive 20 percent of your purchase.

For more information contact:



Lynn Nelson, VC Square Dance


Text: 405.503.1830


Phone: 913.302.3742

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