Youth, Kansas City Is The Place To Be In 2018

Hi, This is your youth hall vice chairman for 2018, Larry & Sharon Crisel. We are planning a great schedule for the youth hall in 2018. Our line up of callers will be the best. There will be blocks of time reserved for line dancing and activities. Get ready for theme days and activities.

Thursday will be "Beach Party Special". Friday will be "Fiesta". Saturday will be "Mardi Gras". Lots of activities and dancing.

We will be having special Build A Badge tips. Also tickets for prizes.

For one hour each afternoon, Gold Rush Records will be hosting Karaoke as part of our Youth Hall Education. The program includes calls along with the music so any youth interested can try out calling. They have about 150 singing calls with cues available along with 20,000 other songs if you just want to sing. If you have a specific song in mind that you'd like to call to, contact Scott Brown at

Stay tuned for more information in the future months. If you have any questions please contact Sharon Crisel:,

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