Kansas City Youth Letter 2018 -  May Issue

This will be our final letter for the Youth Hall. So if you need information that is not available here, please review the previous months' letters or www.67nsdc.com.

We are excited to be hosting the youth! We have a great line-up of callers and cuers. There will be block of time set aside for line dancing and youth activities. In the activities slots, we will have minute-to-win type events plus some fun "To Dos" to go along with our theme days and snacks. The Youth Hall is room 2102 B.

Remember our "Build a Badge" activity. Each time you participate in a special "Build a Badge" dangle tip, you will get a dangle for your badge. Did I say prizes? For each tip and activity you participate in, you will get a ticket to put in the basket for the prize you want. A ticket for each prize will be drawn each night and a Special Prize ticket will be drawn on Saturday night. Those participating in karaoke each day will be entered in a special prize drawing to be given away Saturday after the last karaoke session.

Parents: Please bring your children into the Youth Hall to complete emergency forms and consent forms and receive a list of the rules. Also please be prompt to pick up your children when the Youth Hall closes so we have time for meals.

Here are a few rules:


Youth must have all forms completed before participating.


Youth should know the Mainstream program.


Non-dancing youth will not be allowed to stay in the Youth Hall unless they are accompanied by a parent (s).


Anyone over the age of 18 cannot dance on the youth side. Family and friends may dance on the non-youth side and youth over 18 years of age may dance with them there.


Dancers must be in appropriate attire as defined by the Convention guidelines.


No cameras, photos, videos or recording devices will be allowed in the Youth Hall.


Inappropriate behavior and language will not be tolerated from youth or adults.


Chaperones and Committee members will provide general supervision for the safety of all dancers, but youth will be allowed to come and go freely from the hall. Youth who exit the hall will Not be monitored.




is a Beach Party with lots of beach activities.


is a Fiesta Celebration with all the fixings and games for a fiesta.


is Mardi Gras with lots of beads, etc.  From 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM we will be dancing under the black lights, so be sure to pack your glow colored clothes and we'll provide the rest.

The only after party in the Youth Hall will be Friday night from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM. See you there!

If you have any questions please contact: Youth@67nsdc.com.

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