The 67th National Square Dance Convention

Assistant Vice-Chairman of Square Dance
Jim Wright

Jim Wright was born and raised in the Kansas City area. He started square and round dancing in 1958 at the age of 12. He was a charter member of the Flying Saucers Youth Square and Round Dance Exhibition Club and a member of the Frontier Twirlers Youth Square Dance Club. At this time, there were no Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, or Challenge programs. It was just square and couples (round) dancing. At this time, round dancing was memorized, not cued.

Jim did not dance for many years while he was in high school, college, and 20 years traveling the world in the U.S. Army supporting his Country. After retiring from the Army, he moved back to the Kansas City area.

The first Flying Saucer's reunion was in the spring of 1996. They had such a good time that several ex-Saucers decided to get back into square dancing. Jim, along with several others, took Mainstream lessons during the summer and fall of 2006. This re-started a whole new life in square dancing.

Jim started calling in January of 2011, when a local caller invited him to assist in teaching Mainstream lessons. Jim called his first partial dance in July of 2011 after being invited to be the co-caller of a club in the Kansas City area. He now teaches and calls the Mainstream and Plus programs.

Jim has enjoyed his return to square dancing. In addition to the fun of square dancing, he believes that meeting and making new friends has the most appeal.

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