The 67th National Square Dance Convention

Director of Solos
Maye Wegner

Maye Wegner grew up on the square dance floor, as her parents were avid square dancers when dances were held in little country school houses. She took lessons in modern square dancing in 1982. Since that time she has held many positions in her local clubs including president, KSDA representative, secretary, and treasurer. She continues to serve as the solo chairperson for the Kansas State Convention, a position she has held for many years.

Maye is probably most known for her role in the Heart of America Singles Square Dance Association (HASSDA) where she has served on the Board since 2006 and as president since 2010. Under her leadership, it has incorporated many of the ideas proposed by fellow dancers and as such has continued to grow and thrive during a time when other square dance organizations have seen their numbers decline.

She served on the National Square Dance Solo Committee in Des Moines (2016) and Cincinnati (2017) and has taken the Solo Director role in Kansas City for 2018. Being an avid dancer, she will fill squares dancing either position at the Mainstream and Plus level. Maye enjoys hearing from the dancers about what works and how organizations make our activity better for the dancers' enjoyment.

After retiring as a Public Service Administrator from the State of Kansas in 2010, Maye currently serves as the city clerk of her hometown in Havensville, Kansas.

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