The 67th National Square Dance Convention

Services Chairmen
Art & Wanda Kruse

The Services Committee works behind the scenes to make sure that dancing in Kansas City is fantastic. If you dance on it, sit on it, listen to it, eat it or read a sign, the Services Committee has arranged for it to be there.

The Services Chairman are Art and Wanda Kruse who live in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Art is the son of two hoedown square dance callers, and he started dancing in 1973 at age 15. Wanda graduated lessons in 1982 and began cueing in 1988. She is now a retired Cuer.

Their home is an 1859 rehabbed farm house. Art and Wanda quilt and sew as they own four sewing machines and one serger. Wanda is a prize-winning quilt artist. Wanda designed the 67th NSDC quilt that will be raffled during convention.

The Kruses' have held many local dance organization offices. At the NSDC level, they were Assistant General Chairman for the 42nd NSDC and Director of Vendor Security for the 65th NSDC. They are delighted to be the Services Chairman for the 67th NSDC.

They want to recognize their hard working Committee members: Assistant Services Chairman, Rich and Carol Kilzer; Vice Chairman of Facilities, Hershel and Carolyn Jenkins; Vice Chairman of Sound, John and Bev Stuart; and Services Secretary, Jerry and Joyce Chancey. They also want to thank all of the Directors on the Services Committee who are working to ensure the dancers have an enjoyable and safe time at the 67th National Square Dance Convention.

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