The 67th National Square Dance Convention

Vice-Chairman of Square Dance
Director of After Parties Square Dance
Lynn Nelson

Lynn Nelson's first experience with square dancing was in grade school. Later, a group of square dancers came to entertain the patients where she worked and she was hooked. Their friendly personalities and demonstration of fun made a lasting impression.

It was 17 years before busy schedules allowed her and her husband to take lessons, but when her husband's job transferred them to Kansas City, they decided this was the time to get involved. They took lessons with the Swangers Square Dance Club in 1989 and soon after became officers in the club. Later they became Co-Editor and then Editor of Fed Facts, a local square dance magazine.

In 1996, Lynn decided she wanted to become a caller. Since that time she has attended many caller schools and has served as an officer in the KAMO Callers, Cuers and Partners, and the Northeast Callers Associations. She has attended a number of state and local conventions, festivals, National Square Dance Conventions, as well as CALLERLAB Conventions.

As a dancer, she dances up to level A2 and as a caller she calls Mainstream and Plus. Lynn believes programming of callers should be done by someone familiar with callers and their varied styles. As a dancer herself, she understands first-hand what dancers are seeking to enjoy their dancing experience.

Lynn's goal is to give the dancers the best possible dance experience by providing something for everyone. She looks forward to seeing many long-time friends and making many new ones. Please introduce yourself when you see her. After all, there are no strangers in square dancing-just friends you haven't met.

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