67th National Square Dance Convention

Kansas City, Missouri - June 27 - 30, 2018

Registration Long Form

Have you converted your short form to the long form? For some of us, this is confusing as we have registered; however, the "short" form did not contain all of the crucial information regarding the 67th National Square Dance Convention events and tours that are available for your enjoyment.

You Do Not pay the registration fee again. The long form provides the opportunity to purchase additional amenities that were not available on the "short" form. To find the Registration Long Form, Click Here..

Please complete the long registration form even if you are not adding any additional items. Don't forget this is where you order your program book for the 67th NSDC!

If you are not sure if you have completed this process, please contact Jim and Edythe Weber, 67th NSDC Registration and Housing Chairman. They may be reached via e-mail at: Registration@67nsdc.com.

Again, thank you for converting your short form to the long registration form!




Updated 1/6/18